• Is Magnoplasm made in Australia?
  • Yes, Magnoplasm™ Paste and Magnoplasm Splintex™ Gel are made by Mayne Pharma at our South Australian manufacturing facilities.

  • Who is Mayne Pharma
  • Mayne Pharma is an Australian Stock exchange listed, specialty, pharmaceutical company. Mayne undertakes drug development and manufacturing from its 32 acre facility located in Salisbury (Adelaide), South Australia. The facility is FDA, TGA, EMEA approved and is supported by approximately 150 staff.

  • Is Magnoplasm Paste registered with the TGA (Therapeutic Goods Administration)?
  • Yes, Magnoplasm Paste is registered with the TGA and meets the requirements of a therapeutic good.  AUST R 29623 

  • Is Magnoplasm Splintex™ Gel registered with the TGA (Therapeutic Goods Administration)?
  • Yes, Magnoplasm Splintex Gel is listed as a class 1 medical device. ARTG 227128 

  • Where can I purchase Magnoplasm?
  • Magnoplasm™ Paste and Magnoplasm Splintex™ Gel can be purchased from most Australian pharmacies or online from Mayne Pharma's shop.

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  • If necessary, how do i heat Magnoplasm Paste?
  • To warm the product,  first warm a glass jar/cup, then place the required amount of Magnoplasm in it. The warmth of the jar should help soften Magnoplasm and make it easier to apply. Alternatively, warm gently in hand or put tub in warm water, making sure the water level is a little below the cap (so water does not get into it).

    Do not heat Magnoplasm itself though (i.e. do not microwave). Products tend to deteriorate at higher temperatures.

  • What pack sizes are available?
  • Magnoplasm™ Paste is currently sold in a 100g jar.

    Magnoplasm Splintex™ Gel is sold in a 35g tube.


  • If I spill some Magnoplasm what is the best way to clean it off fabric?

To remove Magnoplasm or Magnoplasm Splintex from fabric we suggest using warm water with detergent (not soap).

  • Is Magnoplasm sold outside Australia?

 No, Magnoplasm Paste and Magnoplasm Splintex Gel are only sold within Australia. 


  • Is Magnoplasm available for licensing and distribution overseas?
  • Potential licensing and distribution enquires can be made via:

    T: +61 8 8209 2666

    F: +61 8 8281 6998

    E: bd@maynepharma.com

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A whitlow is an abscess at the end of a finger or toe.

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Magnoplasm ® is a registered trade mark of Mayne Pharma International Pty Ltd.
Always read the label. Use only as directed. Please visit your doctor on a regular basis to monitor your condition.